David Fairbairn

David Fairbairn

Athens, Georgia Partner at Mad Union and Director of Design at Breakthrough Technologies Joined about 9 years ago

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  • Posted to Your favorite blogs in one place, Oct 29, 2020

    Looks like your site is no longer live... getting a 404. Do you intend to continue this?

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  • Posted to Alternatives to Pinterest?, Nov 01, 2017

    I've used Niice.co and have enjoyed it.

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  • Posted to Another New Micro-Site | A Survey on Essential Oil Ingredients | Feedback Requested, Oct 12, 2017

    Your center images are overlapping your right sidebar also

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  • Posted to The anxiety of being a fullstack designer (and how to deal with it) , Sep 18, 2017

    Thanks for your thoughts here. It's also easy to feel like everyone knows everything and you're the only one struggling with it. Despite expanding the ux and code elements as an interactive designer, there's the concern that we're becoming more 'masters of none', especially as we compare our current responsibilities with the titles and job descriptions in certain spaces. When the reality in small teams is that we need to wear a lot of hats to create a quality product. The fear there is that we never really become an expert at any of it.

    When I was with an ad agency with a more design-centric job, despite my title being Creative Director, I was involved in all kinds of things across code and production that broke away from what would be the 'title-driven responsibilities'. Did that make me a better designer and developer? Yes. Did it make me not as good of a CD? Possibly. Did it make me a better team member in product design and development? Absolutely.

    Especially as tools like React come through and become part of the new toolset, we will absolutely spend more time with that learning curve than some design-centric ones. Personally, I've been a designer for a good number of years, and the challenges I get the most excited about are code and development driven. I'm more excited about the new medium of interactivity and being able to bring to life designs that I've created. I've had to decide that's where I want to focus. And the anxiety remains, so I have no help there ;)

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  • Posted to Framer vs Principle vs Flinto (vs Origami?) - What are your use cases?, Aug 31, 2017

    I've been able to cover a lot of ground using Sketch and the InVision Craft plugin. So as far as showing the screens, simple transitions, etc, from a prototyping standpoint, it works well. InVision also allows me to have an easy sharable url I can give to the client. If I recall, Principle requires them to download an OS app to view, which was not something I wanted to ask the client to do. As far as handoff to devs, I still haven't solved that one yet. Lots of back and forth until things are close and working well. Granted, this isn't for microinteractions. Mostly general page transitions, overlays, etc.

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  • Posted to Where did you find your desktop wallpaper?, Aug 31, 2017


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  • Posted to Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?, in reply to Dan Taplin , Mar 20, 2017

    I'll second this one. As the design lead in a small product development group, it's hard to improve when there aren't other designers on staff to help make things better. Articles and reading can only do so much.

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