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  • Posted to Site Design: Bakken & Bæck, Oct 16, 2014

    Initially this frightened me because of the similarity to Wondersauce's ( website but after the full bleed images this design is much more involved.

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  • Posted to Show DN your Android homescreen, Sep 23, 2014

    Image alt

    haha I guess mines pretty boring.. I took the picture though! I didn't even know till now that you can get (launchers?) and icon packs -_-

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  • Posted to Show DN: Post a link to your Portfolio, Sep 22, 2014


    I definitely need to take better pictures of my work now that I have a better camera (and most are college projects cause I'm still in college) ..and probably a better picture of myself lol but it works!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Simple portfolio site, Sep 18, 2014

    Love the simplicity of this! Showcases your work without all the unnecessary fluff and easy to navigate.

    The one thing that bothered me was the contact page as a pop up. I feel like it would work better and be more consistent as a separate page (like your about page). And would probably be easier for mobile users.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What gear do you travel to work with and what do you carry it in?, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Sep 08, 2014

    Everything I could possibly need! Thanks SO much!! :)

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  • Posted to Site design: Designeat, in reply to Joshua Eichler-Summers , Sep 02, 2014

    I agree with some of this, especially wording it to market to non-designers.

    Average everyday people will overlook some of this and get confused when reading.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What gear do you travel to work with and what do you carry it in?, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Sep 02, 2014

    Thank you! That helps! I wish more people had mentioned specifically what bag/thing they carry it all in though :(

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  • Posted to My year with a distraction-free iPhone (and how to start your own experiment), Sep 02, 2014

    I stare into a screen ALL day. If there's one thing I don't want to do at the end of the day it's stare into another screen lol.

    I've actually had my notifications turned off for a while now. I even leave the thing home when I go out.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best online places to order business cards from?, in reply to Florent Alix , Sep 02, 2014

    I'm not opposed to trying elsewhere but Moo has not failed me yet! I ordered the luxe cards last time I got cards and everytime I hand them out to someone they're like that's a card.

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  • Posted to Site Design: LeaderBagCo, Aug 22, 2014

    From what I gathered its a "diaper" bag technically but meant to last and have multiple purposes in the end. So its more than that.

    The menu button placement doesn't even really bother me...mostly because I didn't notice it until having the read the other comments in this thread haha!

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