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  • Posted to Designer News Market is Coming to a Close, Sep 16, 2016

    Ummmmmm so despite being a regular lurker on designernews, this is the first time I hear of Designer News Market. Marketing fail?

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  • Posted to Live stream your iPhone screen, in reply to Tobias Ahlin , May 27, 2015

    Get a few mobile games on board and it's twitch.tv all over again.

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  • Posted to Duet Display for iOS now available to download, Dec 18, 2014

    It works! Finally a way to present mobile mockups created in keynote directly on the device...

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  • Posted to Edward Snowden: Avoid using Dropbox, Facebook, and Google, in reply to Darth Bane , Oct 13, 2014

    Sorry to do this to you but you keep saying you have nothing to hide so I'm going to test that.

    Your name pretty unique so very Google-able (as is mine) and in your public Google+ profile you're busy comparing a Muslum women's headscarf to a swastika - https://plus.google.com/102411988267766541496/posts/FbLqsHXYMne ( screenshot ).

    IMO that's a pretty extreme worldview you have right there and makes me ask why I should be listening to you.

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  • Posted to Edward Snowden: Avoid using Dropbox, Facebook, and Google, in reply to Matt Clark , Oct 13, 2014

    +1000. It really is an excellent talk. For example from the transcript on the TED website ...

    The other really destructive and, I think, even more insidious lesson that comes from accepting "I have nothing to hide, so nothing to fear" is there's an implicit bargain that people who accept this have accepted: If you're willing to render yourself sufficiently harmless, sufficiently unthreatening to those who wield political power, then and only then can you be free of the dangers of surveillance. It's only those who are dissidents, who challenge power, who have something to worry about. There are all kinds of reasons why we should want to avoid that lesson as well. You may be a person who, right now, doesn't want to engage in that behavior, but at some point in the future you might. Even if you're somebody who decides that you never want to, the fact that there are other people who are willing to and able to resist and be adversarial to those in power — dissidents and journalists and activists and a whole range of others — is something that brings us all collective good that we should want to preserve.

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  • Posted to Goji - an iPhone keyboard for finding and sharing fun new things, in reply to Jim Silverman , Oct 11, 2014

    Apps like this show the potential is there but Apple is going to have to improve their side of the user experience before customer keyboards can go mainstream.

    Adding the keyboard via settings after you install the app is going to lose 80%+ of most potential users.

    Meanwhile the whole cycling through keyboards to pick the right one is frustrating and has too many taps (I have two different language keyboards + EMOJIs + now Goji), especially if you miss the first time and have to cycle through again. Right now, for the use case Goji is targeting, I'm almost as quick opening the Yelp app, finding a coffee shop, copying the link and pasting it back into the chat app

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  • Posted to Dropbox Muppets, in reply to Tycho Klein Severt , Sep 30, 2014

    But where was Condoleezza Rice?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Interesting photo gallery layouts?, Aug 25, 2014

    Google+ "Stories" is pretty cool in terms of the "gallery" it creates automatically, by combining pictures taken with location and generating a "story" format for example: https://plus.google.com/+anilsabharwal/stories/e39549b6-120c-3653-b456-2457c19f8e56?authkey=1iJx3GJh

    Was released back in May this year I believe - http://googleblog.blogspot.ch/2014/05/google-stories-and-movies-memories-made.html

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  • Posted to Lego Calendar, Aug 23, 2014

    It had to be big and visible: looking at a computer monitor or smartphone screen just doesn’t help you see months ahead into the future

    Too true. Great to see someone challenging the accepted status quo

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  • Posted to The Firm (iOS Game), Aug 21, 2014

    People that want to join banks should be forced to play this.

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