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  • Posted to Ask DN: Designers Who Develop iOS Apps?, Feb 04, 2016

    I just launched my second app that I designed and built. I design for my day job and previously only had a little experience in HTML/CSS/JS.

    The best thing for me, was bribing one of my coworkers, who is an iOS dev, to sit down and show me the basics of Swift and UIKit. It took about four hours of their time and a few other short sessions to handle issues that were stumping me. Once you get a grasp of the patterns that UIKit follows, it's fairly easy to teach yourself more and more.

    I bought a couple of books and tried learning from treehouse… but those never really helped me all that much. Being able to either ask someone in person a question, or just trying to program it (and making lots of mistakes in the process) was the best route for me.

    After that first four hour session, I launched my first app four months later. It was a really simple game. My second app, which just launched was a lot more ambitious and took an additional year.

    Like all things, it takes time to get experience and familiarity. I still have tons to learn. But, it's definitely not impossible. Good luck!

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  • Posted to Podcast: Is design fundamentally a science, an art, or just advertising?, Jul 28, 2015

    How about: craft?

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  • Posted to Skala Color 2, Mar 19, 2015

    I'm not sure how technically feasible this is, but I would pay for a standalone Skala Color 2 app.

    Also, great work! The Bjango tools always end up being indispensable.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are your most hated typefaces?, Jan 28, 2015

    Gill Sans. Mostly from the baggage brought onto it from the creator…

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  • Posted to 19 reasons to leave Photoshop and start using Sketch, in reply to Kamil Khadeyev , Mar 05, 2013

    I don't think they should merge, otherwise they would just become another photoshop. I think the big point behind sketch is for it to be focused and cater to a niche group really well.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Significance of design education?, Feb 20, 2013

    I think the best way to sum up my design degree experience is that it gave me confidence in my work, the ability to be critical of my work (and others), it taught me how to talk about my work, how to continue to teach myself and how to create a process to solve problems.

    Could these be self discovered without formal training? Yes. If I had the ability to rewind, would I made the same choice and get a design degree? Absolutely. The sense of community and freedom of creativity is unparalleled.

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  • Posted to What happens when you don't pay your web designers, in reply to Thani Suchoknand , Feb 15, 2013

    It would be ideal if the site could detect that the same URL has been posted in the last week and translate the new post into an upvote on the prior post.

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  • Posted to Skala Preview 1.5 released, Feb 14, 2013

    Version notes:

    Added the ability to choose which computer to connect to. Faster, more reliable networking. Refresh by tapping the computer name. Zoom is now remembered across refreshes. Improved icons and other design tweaks.

    Hopefully there's some performance improvements as well. It seems to cause photoshop to chug occasionally when using Remote Connection. I'm not sure if that's a performance issue on Adobe's side or Skala's.

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