Switching from Sketch to Figma, large project

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Hello :)

I've been working in a SaaS startup where I am the only designer doing the whole UI of the platform, being implemented by other 4 developers. The project started to grow a lot lately, where my Sketch file is huge with many artboards and symbols, consequently the file started to become very messy with duplicated text styles, 50 shades of gray, etc. I have to admit that part of that it's my fault for not organising better since the beginning . I have a style guide in another Sketch file, which after updating to newer Sketch versions it got even more messy with the new way symbols override works in Sketch.

I am quite unhappy on how Sketch overall works, specially when I need to update a symbol in the style guide, it takes me 3 long clicks to refresh the symbol in my working file. Also the need to create a new text style if I want to simply change the text color, for example.

Last week I gave Figma a try for a personal project and I was so pleased on how things work there, specially how symbols (components) are handled. This made me start to consider switching to Figma in my workplace, but I am still in doubt how good Figma it is for a large project, in terms of performance and organisation-wise. I was already planning to do a big clean up in my whole Sketch file, but maybe I could start from scratch in Figma then.

Has anyone here done this switch in a large project? Is it worth? Would Sketch still better in this case? Would like to hear your thoughts :)

Thanks upfront!


  • Jamie LovelaceJamie Lovelace, over 4 years ago

    I did it, similar thing, then we had another designer start and it definitely paid off for ease of use after that!

    Just slowly do it in your 'down time' if that exists, don't need to rush it over as your the sole designer right now.

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