Did this huge mobile checkout UX analysis to find trends in what UX features they're using

almost 5 years ago from , Conversion Strategist at GrowthRock.co

So I work in ecommerce UX and got tired of answering questions like "Well how does Nike do this?" and "Does HomeDepot.com have this feature?", so we went through the top 40 ecommerce sites in the U.S. and recorded most features of their mobile checkout flow.

Some interesting trends:

  • Average 4 pages of mobile checkout (this feels high??)
  • Almost half have no address detection in forms (annoying)
  • Almost 30% don't have instant validation of fields (really annoying)
  • 70% completely hide all navigation and links once checkout starts (expected, actually surprised 30% don't do this)
  • Paypal is super popular (73% have it), rest (like Apple, Google, Amazon Pay) not popular. Only 17.5% use Apple Pay. (I'm guessing this is growing).

Here it is: http://growthrock.co/mobile-ecommerce-trends-checkout-best-practices/