What are your biggest design pet-peeves? How would you fix them?

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Here are a few things that irk me when I come across them.

  1. Designers using the name John Doe Your users don't have perfectly short and sterile names. Use real and diverse names from different cultures. Show everyone that comes across your designs, as you sell them internally, about the diversity of your customers.

  2. Unsolicited redesigns on Dribbble. Design is not done in a bubble. It is a collaboration between all the teams within a company. To present something without having gone through the collaboration, selling, and compromising that happens along the way is

Your turn.


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    1 - How in invision you have to click each box in the right hand corner if you want to select a group of artboards. Why cant you just drag to select a bunch of artboards like you can in basically every design app? It'd be great if they implemented this

    2 - In sketch, is there a way to minimise all artboards so the layers arent showing? Like a minimise/close artboard layers button?

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  • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, almost 5 years ago

    Probably the hardest pet-peeve for me to defend are 120º shadows/lighting. It makes things feel less uniform and it drives me crazy.

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