Felipe for Sketch - Magically turn Wireframes into UI

over 4 years ago from , Product Designer

Hi guys, I just released a new Sketch plugin called Felipe.

Felipe started as an idea in the Design Tools Hackathon 2018. We basically thought, "what if instead of designing a button, you could simply draw a rectangle and your design tool would auto-detect your initial goal?".

We started working on it, and during the process we understood we shouldn't be limited to buttons only, it can work with many types of layers and with any design system. It ended up as a plugin that can turn wireframes into complete pixel-perfect design, using any existing design system.

The MVP won 1st place in the hackathon, but I felt like I wanted to put this idea out there to the design community, so I kept working on it and released it as Felipe.

Now, Felipe is released for everyone with a 'pay what you want' pricing.

Read the full story here. I honestly think this concept would change the ways design tools work today.

Would love any feedback.