iOS app designers using figma, how? (vector asset question)

almost 5 years ago from , Sr. Visual Designer

Hey guys, currently my teams work flow is Sketch>Abstract/Zeplin and repeat.

We've been looking into using figma and dropping both zeplin and abstract but one main issue i've run into, you CANT export assets to pdf on figma?!

I've seen sites/plugins used to export contents of an artboard into a pdf but that would require each symbol or element I needed exported as pdf would need their own artboard.

I know that the Figma team has said its on their roadmap but until then, how are you guys designing for iOS and handing off to dev? Thanks!


  • Cameron Vaea, almost 5 years ago

    Hey dude, you can use this Figma to PDF converter: https://figma-pdf.gweltaz-calori.com/

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  • Roman DavydkoRoman Davydko, almost 5 years ago

    Have you tried to import your design from Figma to Zeplin and get PDFs from there?

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  • Artur Eldib, almost 5 years ago

    Why do you need to send devs a PDF?

    You just have to select the Code tab in Figma and voi-la.

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    • Andrew Richardson, almost 5 years ago

      Not sure why this is being down voted... it's a legit question. Figma has most of Zeplin's functionality built in so sending them a PDF doesn't seem to solve a clear problem when they can just access the Figma link.

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      • Suganth SSuganth S, almost 5 years ago

        PDF assets are not the same PDF Spec document if I understand this right. Figma does provide code view where you can copy paste the layout code and understand the specs but PDF assets, on the other hand, is how Xcode exports 2x, 3x assets internally when you are building an app.

        It's the only supported vector format for assets in iOS

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