• Des DevDes Dev, almost 5 years ago

    You can just sell that on ui8.net, Samsung

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  • Andreas DantzAndreas Dantz, almost 5 years ago

    The combination of the corner radii on the phones and in the interface make me angry.

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  • Nik TreiberNik Treiber, almost 5 years ago

    Find it odd that they have so many compression artefacts on those mockups...

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, almost 5 years ago

    At Samsung HQ

    Let's make a really tall phone, shrink the size of the content area and sell it at a high price

    Evil laugh

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    • Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, almost 5 years ago

      At Apple HQ

      Make a tall & fat phone with outdated hardware from 4 years ago, bold bezels & ugly ass notch and sell it for $1200. Oh, and by the way whenever is something is cracked or doesn't work we will repair it for $900. Yeet.

      Edit: -11. So I really triggered 11 Apple sheeples. Gotcha!

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      • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, almost 5 years ago

        I'm genuinely having trouble finding this untrue ;)

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      • Joey Prijs, almost 5 years ago

        You're getting downvoted because you felt the need to piss on something that's not even relevant to the discussion; people are talking about Samsung, not Apple. Nobody asked for a comparison (let alone a biased one...).

        And you have the audacity to call other people sheeps? That's what I call irony...

        Go somewhere else if you feel the need to trigger people, we don't need that here.

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      • Sean SchraederSean Schraeder, almost 5 years ago

        Outdated hardware... Are we talking A-class chips vs Qualcomm? Have you seen the benchmarks? Do explain!

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  • Jay RJay R, almost 5 years ago

    FreeSketchResources > Download > Replace Mockups > Upload

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