Portfolio redesign - need some advice!

almost 5 years ago from , Interactive Designer

I’m beginning the tortuous process of updating/redesigning my portfolio. As I look at different platforms and other portfolios, I figured I might as well pose a few questions here…

Should I go for a single long page or split up each project into its own page? How much detail is enough/too much? How many projects should I show?

From a hiring perspective, what’s the preference these days? I am involved in hiring as well, but the amount of time I spend looking at any particular portfolio can vary a lot. Trying to strike a good balance with the amount of content...

And, what are you building your sites with these days?

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  • Alejandro DorantesAlejandro Dorantes, almost 5 years ago
    1. These all depend on how much content you have for each project. If you can write something up, awesome, but consider showcasing only your top shelf work. That way you don't dry yourself up trying to come up with words for projects you're no longer that involved. Use this opportunity to define a case study process for your portfolio, that way you start archiving your thought process for future reference.

    2. As many projects as you'd like as long as they're all the same top quality.

    3. Thought process(case study), design experience (typography, design systems, etc), methodologies, and tech/skill stack.

    4. Depends

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