Design Appreciation: Itsycal – a free menubar calendar app with VIM-like depth to it

almost 5 years ago from , Designer

Disclaimer: I ain't selling anything. I'm just stoked.

So. Just the other day I ran into this list of useful nick-nacks over at Hackernoon. It's a good list with a bunch of useful stuff in there, so you should really check it out.

Anyway; one the apps recommended was Itsycal – a tiny menu bar calendar. And on the surface, it's exactly that:

Itsycal Screenshot

Cool, right? Super useful. However, diving deeper, you'll see that he's managed to implement a pretty hefty array of power-user functionality: a bunch of different ways to display the date in your menubar, an array of settings for what to show in the calendar view – actually awesome!

I had been using the app for a couple of weeks when I just this morning noticed that there's also these VIM-like modular keycommands to control all of this! I got so frickin' pleasantly surprised that I had to run and tell y'all. And on top of all this, the dude is giving it away for free. I mean c'mon!

In a world where run-of-the-mill features are being rammed down our throats with a gajillion of teaser e-mails and dubstep-powered release videos, I'm really glad that things like Itsycal exists, shipping actually novel features without any hyperbole.

TLDR;Itsycal stoked me out and hope it will stoke you out too. Good day.