Advice: Anyone know how to merge two brands?

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Trying to merge one business that specialises in mobile audio software development (futuresonic.io) and another that specialises agency business that specialises in advanced/complex iOS App dev projects (bmdi.co.uk). The end goal would be to have a single brand that conveys our expertise in audio software development, advertises our audio products, and also conveys the fact that we are able to take on complex iOS app projects of all nature. Any hints? Any advice, opionions etc would be very useful

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 5 years ago

    Hey there. I've been down this road myself quite a bit in the past year or so. We have a financial marketing platform, as well as a large consulting business.

    the Consulting business came first, and was around for several years.

    the past 6 or so years, we've been building and marketing our own product: a marketing platform for financial advisors.

    We used to have 2 different sites, but it was a bit of a challenge at the time to admin both, market both, etc etc...so we decided to consolidate on one website.

    It's been a challenge, and one I'm still not 100% sure we did perfectly.

    One problem you'll discover, is that your two sets of customers etc, won't 'know' the other... ie, if i'm looking to get you guys to develop a ios app for scuba-diving, I'm relatively sure i WONT know the name of your audio division. and obviously same goes for audio customers...

    one way is to take the stronger of the two brands, and make that the 'landing page' and have a 2 door home page...one takes you to all the info about audio, the other takes you to iOS dev stuff..

    another is to create a new 'holding company' or parent company.... and do essentially the same thing.. take into account how Adobe handles all it's divisions etc....

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