Waveguide - Landing Page Semantic Metrics

5 years ago from , Another Designer

Hey DN Community,

Today I want to share something new. One thing that I'm deeply passionate about is the raw data behind a design. Although I'm convinced that great design comes from a mix of intuition and expertise, I also believe that design is at a micro-level a complex science. I continuously try to do things to uncover the data behind a design and understand why things work or don't work.

That's why today I'm introducing a revamped detail view in Waveguide Landing Pages section. Now every landing page example in Waveguide shows a semantic analysis based on the content of that page. The semantic metrics that Waveguide will show are:

  • Sentiment: What's the overall sentiment of a page.
  • Reading Ease: How complicated is the text of a page based on education level (measured in School Grades)
  • Read Time: How long does it take to read the whole content at average human reading speed.
  • Tone: What are the emotions and communication style in the page.

Landing Page Analysis

Besides that, you can also see the color palette of the page (tip: click on the color to copy the hex value to your clipboard).

I'm also trying to gauge some interest in providing these metrics on demand for your own designs. If you would be interested in a service where you could upload your design and get these metrics, please let me know.

Anyways. Looking forward to your comments and thoughts. You can see the landing pages with semantic metrics here: Waveguide - Landing Pages Examples