What is one discipline/ application/skill you wish you had?

over 4 years ago from , Design Consultant, Host of Signal337 podcast

This is a very broad question. As I have grown in my career, I've branched out and learned new things, tools, approaches, and disciplines...but I can't know everything. So this question is purely for fun and discussion...what is one thing (a discipline, a tool, and/or a skill) you wish you had. It could be mundane as...

Example: I'm a designer and wish I was a better illustrator

to serious as

Example: I work in product design and I wish I knew Avocode better

For me, I wish I knew After Effects. I know there are a ton of resources to learn it, but between all of my other responsibilities...it's hard to find the time to learn it and it's also not mission-critical to anything I do.

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