Gabriel Valdivia – { Designing For Change }

5 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Gabriel Valdivia – { Designing For Change }

Hey guys!

We've just published an inteview with Gabriel Valdivia — lead designer @ Jigsaw. It's the first piece in the #DesignForChange series on Phase Magazine.

Gabriel talks about his creative roots, day-to-day work, the most impactful trends in design and technology.

Interested in contributing to Phase Mag? ;) Shoot us an email --> magazine at phase.com. Cheers, Vlad

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  • Maitrik Kataria, 5 years ago

    Hey Vlad, that's a great article! The way technology and design is looked at has changed over the years. Earlier, the very basic needs were targeted and were fulfilled. Now, since these were basic necessities the solutions for them and its outcome were sustainable. However, now with so much of technology around us it's gotten difficult to gauge the sustainability of a product/service amidst all the competition.

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