React course focused on Framer X?

almost 5 years ago from , Founder at jimu Labs

Update: The course is launched: https://learnreact.design/framerx-react

Hey DN,

Since there are a number of people asking me about this, let me try to get the feedback from the community openly.

Would you like a React course that's specifically focused on Framer X? It would be different from courses that teach web or mobile development with React. Everything would be taught in Framer X and what you'd build would be prototypes/animations/interactions/components for Framer X. It wouldn't include anything that's irrelevant to making a prototype such as Redux, React Router.

How does that sound? Would you want to learn ES6 as well? JavaScript and programming basics?

Upvote if you want this course, or comment if you like. I'd appreciate your feedback!

If you want to get an update from me about the course, sign up here.

BTW: Have you checked out my pure speculation about Framer X? :)

Thanks in advance! Linton