• Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, 5 years ago

    Hi all! I'm the person who's behind this project. If you have any questions, comments, or critiques, I'd love to respond to anything you'd care to share!

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    • Matt C, 5 years ago

      When you're selecting an insanely annoying gif, do you tend to go with more memery or just general irrelevance?

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    • Renato de LeãoRenato de Leão, 5 years ago

      This idea has definitely crossed my mind while going through your teardowns! (onboarding useronboard.com)

      Excited to see it happen and can't wait for the meta teardown about it!

      Keep "teardowning"! Cheers!

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  • Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, 5 years ago

    @Jonathan Thank you for sharing this here :)

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