Introducing Designer News Digest

over 9 years ago from , Founder at LayerVault

Hello DN,

We've released a feature today that we've wanted internally for some time. It's called Designer News Digest, a weekly wrap-up of DN's top 5 stories.

The Digest is delivered by email every Sunday at 8PM eastern. Sundays are a time when we like to relax, catch up on reading, and reflect. We thought it would be a great time to receive an email from us.

You can opt-in by visiting your profile, hit "edit profile" and click the checkbox to subscribe.

It's only available to registered users. For the thousands of you reading this without an account, we'll find a way to offer it to you soon.

For those interested, I've created a Delivery to show you what you'd receive: http://d.lyrv.lt/4qfpkkpr

-The LV Team