An alternative to Mail 7.0?

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We have Google Apps as our corporate services provider and Mavericks Mail is seriously unhappy with Gmail. Can anyone recommend an alternative to Mail? We've tried Airmail and Postbox but not convinced.


  • Matt KelshMatt Kelsh, over 9 years ago

    Unibox is new and great. Here's the DN thread on that


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    • Rob MasefieldRob Masefield, over 9 years ago

      Yeah, I've been using Unibox for about 2 weeks now and have just promoted it to my #1 mail app. It's fantastic. Great UI, works happily with Gmail and others... definitely worth taking a look at.

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  • Matthew R. MillerMatthew R. Miller, over 9 years ago

    I use Sparrow and have never had any issues

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  • Morgan J, over 9 years ago

    Started using Unibox myself and although the concept of it was nice, it started proving a little too impractical. For instance, where I work we use Basecamp, so everything I received from Basecamp no matter the job would all sit in one thread. For a personal email client I think it's alright, but I swiftly stopped using it.

    I fully recommend Airmail however. It can be as advanced, or as minimal as you wish and feels like where Sparrow would have advanced to, had development continued.

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    • Luke HoerstenLuke Hoersten, over 9 years ago

      Unibox doesn't preserve Gmail threads?

      I started using Airmail now and I love it! Great suggestion.

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      • Morgan J, over 9 years ago

        The problem was with me for Unibox, was we use Basecamp at work for our projects. Therefore, every update from Basecamp that comes through to my email is from "Basecamp". Unibox sees this at collates it all as one long thread. So its quite awkward to find individual jobs etc. Airmail is great though, glad you're enjoying it! I think it'll fill a need until Mailbox for Mac is released at least :)

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