Finally a way to open & inspect Sketch designs on Windows or Linux

over 5 years ago from , CEO & Co-founder at Avocode

Hello everyone!

It’s Vu from Avocode – an alternative to Zeplin.

I’m excited to announce our new cross-platform integration with Sketch, which allows you to finally open and inspect Sketch designs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

All without using the Sketch app or any plugins.

You don’t even need to manually prepare symbols and layers as exportable anymore.

Just drag & drop your files into Avocode and you're all set.

Here is a short video of how it works.

You can also learn more about how we built this feature in our blog post.

Would you like to try it out? Leave a comment.


  • Mahdi FarraMahdi Farra, over 5 years ago

    That's actually pretty good. Congratulations on the launch Vu.

    I wish our design community was a bit more supportive instead of leaving this kind of comments.

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  • Marcel M., over 5 years ago

    Figma can open sketch files.

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  • Marek LMarek L, over 5 years ago

    XD can open Sketch files.

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 5 years ago

    Sounds really good, i like the slack integration, sounds promising. Can you tell us more about the free version and the developer perspective? I can imagine that this is suited for the devs and want to know more about that. Can you tell us more about features in the future? I think in terms of technology as well as product features. And how do you want to enhance the handoff / inspect workflow?

    Happy to try it out for a next project if possible.

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  • James Young, over 5 years ago

    I was really excited about this as we share with our client and thier developers using InVision, but it stumbles on Illustrator files which we do a lot of.

    Then I saw the pricing structure. I'm a small shop but would need the enterprise level to accommodate the guest users (developers and client reviewers). It quickly becomes 3 times the price of InVision.

    I think the innovation is great, and hopefully, it's a great product, but the pricing seems uncompetitive. I politely shared this with the support team and got a response of "we'll take this into consideration..." which caused me to lose all interest. Indifferent support is death to a product like this.

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    • Vu Hoang Anh, over 5 years ago

      Hey James, I'm really sorry that you feel that way.

      Illustrator is actually on our roadmap and we'll be releasing it quite soon.

      To be honest, we're actually really considering some changes to our pricing and we're even thinking about a free tier. I understand that our pricing is not very well suited for agencies and freelancers working for clients and it would be very helpful if you could share your use case so we could make the right changes. How would you like to use our product and who do you think should pay for the tool? Thanks for your feedback!

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      • James Young, over 5 years ago

        Nothing to apologize for. I'm hyper critical of lackluster or bad support. They didn't do anything wrong exactly it was just an off-putting response. We work hard to create amazing support and expect it from our vendors.

        Sure, our process: we export illustrator files into photoshop or occasionally recreate in Sketch. Once we have internal agreement we use craft to export these into InVision. Then we share these with the client. Once the client approves we then send to their development team for review. I would expect to work with Avocode in a similar fashion.

        Since a client might have 4-5 approvers and 10 devs it works really well that we're paying for the licenses we actually use and our client doesn't need a license. Our largest client has 32 developers all of which use InVision to see both the comps and Style guide.

        I'm not looking for free, but in the current structure, I would pay over 3240 a year for what I pay 300 a year for now. I would pay more for a superior product but not 11 times as much.

        The agency should pay for it, its hard enough to get a client to sign on the dotted line without asking them to buy a license or in my case 15 or more.

        You need to be profitable, I get that and hope you are. It's what continues to spur innovation and competition. I can't afford everything I'd like to have but I can afford everything I need, I have to decide if Avocode is a "like to have" or a "need"... Right now it's unknown because I can't get past the price.

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