• Joe Roberto, over 5 years ago

    One of the better agency website design's I have seen in a while! Great work.

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  • Josh Chambers, over 5 years ago

    It's so good!!! I really love it.

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  • Tom Capossela, over 5 years ago

    Love it! Great job!

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  • Alex Robertson-Brown, over 5 years ago

    Really enjoyed using the quote quiz at the bottom. Funny to see the price go up on what you need. Loved it

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  • Iain McG, over 5 years ago

    love the colours!

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  • Mc DaveMc Dave, over 5 years ago

    Really nice work!

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  • Jonny BeltonJonny Belton, over 5 years ago

    Love it! ❤️

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  • Ray Chips, over 5 years ago

    Wow! Loved it!

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    Nice design but even scrolling is super laggy for me.

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  • Andreas Ubbe Dall, over 5 years ago

    Website looks fairly cool, but such a juxtaposition with the quality of the work displayed on the front page, in my opinion.

    The lack of structure in "moment health" and the login almost overlapping the status bar in the "ding" project.

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    • Dan M, over 5 years ago

      Yeah in a lot of cases we're brought in with a strict design already in place, so we've to somewhat stick to that. I take your point though.

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  • Ben GiffordBen Gifford, over 5 years ago

    Looks really good.

    I feel like the visual complexity is masking a lack of supporting content. As I went through the site, looking to learn more about the team, your process, and what you do (which looks quite fun!), I kept coming up short. Most inquiries ended with "get a quote for your app," which felt premature when services and values were just bullet points that gave me no more to dig in to.

    Show me the manifestation of those things … you say reliability is one of your core values. Can I see that in action?

    Back to the "What kind of app are you building" wizard: while that's an appropriate end-action element on some pages, seeing it more than once makes me feel like you have no idea what I'm looking for. I may just be looking to open a conversation with you.

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  • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, over 5 years ago


    The main font (Sofia Pro) renders very poorly at 16px and below on my Cinema Display and MacBook Retina screens. Looks crisp otherwise!

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  • Dan M, over 5 years ago


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