• Josh Rio, over 5 years ago

    I'm old enough to remember when Path was fined $800k by FTC for the same gross, privacy-invading tactics Facebook has. They'd use dark UX patterns to get access to your contacts list and, I shit you not, started auto dialing people.

    Path needs to get off their high-horse and stop frontin'––acting like a white knight here to save us all.

    Path had an amazing UI and UX. It was groundbreaking at the time (arguably, it still is), but the app itself was a self-inflicted victim of the Silicon Valley syndrome. Too much money, too fast, and it all came crashing down when metrics didn't come close to the hype.


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  • Tony GinesTony Gines, over 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed Path when it came out. There were some great ideas very early and the UI was more enjoyable than most of the apps out at the time. Happy to support this little venture however I can.

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  • Pasquale D'SilvaPasquale D'Silva, over 5 years ago

    You do know that Dave Morin was an early Facebook employee right? Path lost its integrity once it followed Facebook's lead and started optimizing for engagement.

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  • James Young, over 5 years ago

    I don't imagine it would be that different, it wasn't that long ago it was around - it just wasn't a particularly addictive app or idea.

    If I had to bet though, they'd no doubt force "stories" on everyone, add in a "curated timeline" of entries in a non-chronological order and hide the ability to just show recent.

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