• Peter DeltondoPeter Deltondo, over 5 years ago

    Oh hey! Fun to see this in my DN feed today! Hope to see some of you guys online for the last day of streams tomorrow!

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  • Mike Hu, over 5 years ago

    For our live stream this week on Behance we’re focusing on UX / UI design, with 3 designers joining to create, share and discuss how they approach their work. Chat with us directly in the Behance chat pod.



    WHEN: All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9AM PST, to 3PM PST. Archives will be available on the Creative Cloud YouTube channel: https://adobe.ly/AdobeLivePlaylist


    Claude Piche is a Senior Product Designer on the Innovation Team at ServiceNow, where his energy, creativity and go-with-the-flow approach allows him to create frictionless and enjoyable user experiences. Watch Claude as he leverages a fictional design brief to create flawless mobile and web experiences that dazzle users. https://www.peecho.design/

    Jeannie Huang is a Senior Product Design on the Behance team at Adobe, where she works on everything from product strategy and management to designing compelling user experiences. Join Jeannie as she develops valuable user experiences with an emphasis on product strategy and usability. She’ll show us how to dig under the surfaces of beautiful designs. http://jeanniehuangdesigns.com

    Pete Deltondo is an award-winning Creative Director and Product Designer, whose previous clients include: Toyota, Toshiba, Johnny Rockets, Baldwin, GFore, Jim Carrey, Faithbox, Creative South and more. Watch as Peter teaches us how to build beautiful prototypes that emphasize elegant user interfaces and valuable workflows. http://peterdeltondo.com/

    You can view the exact schedule and times at:


    We stream every Tue / Wed / Thur on Behance, changing up topics each week. If you have any requests or suggestions for themes, format, topics, guests or anything else, just leave a comment below.

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  • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, over 5 years ago

    I am gonna watch at home.

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