Heads-up new Chrome CSS bug makes your text dissapear

over 5 years ago from , Digital Strategist & Partner at Studio Projectie

Had about 3 clients call today that their text in certain boxes was 'gone'. The pages looked fine to me at work but I finally managed to get the bug to show itself at home. The text shows up in the HTML source and everything and your divs and p's will even increase in height as if the text is actually there, so it's nigh impossible to debug this in a complex lay-out.

Turns out the issue is overflow-y. Apparently Google broke overflow-y: scroll; or some combination of it with other CSS rules. Setting overflow-y to overflow-y: auto; which basically does the same thing, fixes it. You can also add: backface-visibility: hidden;

So if a client calls that their text is gone and you question their sanity check your overflows until Google fixes this :)

So far I've encountered this only in this Chrome build: Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)