I'm creating a crowdsourced database of useful info for Freelance designers in London.

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TLDR: I'm starting a new site for freelance designers in London. Learn more at Link Lancerlist

People have always asked me about freelancing in London. Keen to help, I used to package up an email with all the essential info and send it off. I then wrote a more thorough guide which proved popular.

Soon, I'll be launching something bigger. Rather than create something for 'everyone'. I'm starting with freelance designers in London. I know these folks because I am one.

The grand plan is to create the world's most useful site for freelancers. Period. But for now I'm starting small.

Why are you doing this?

The freelance market is only getting bigger. More and more people are becoming freelancers every day and they need some help. I speak to people on a daily basis about what's the best business account. What things can you claim as an expense and what's the best way to find work. Lancerlist will answer all of these questions and more.

How are you going to do this?

This is where you come in. Inspired by Nomadlist by Pieter Levels, I plan to reach out to the freelance design community in London and crowdsource the data for Lancerlist. This way the information will be accurate, relevant of use to everyone. Lancerlist will be a mobile first experience. Short, snappy and lean.

How can I get involved?

The first thing you can do is head on over and register at Lancerlist. As I build out the site I'll be reaching out to folks for their input with surveys and questionnaires.

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Let's create the world's most useful site for freelancers.