• Mark Otto, 5 years ago

    Hey everyone, holler if you have feedback or questions. I'm pretty excited to finally have this out and stable!

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    • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 5 years ago

      Mazel tov!

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    • Norm Sheeran, 5 years ago

      Bootstrap 4 Rocks buddy! Thank you for giving so much to the community!

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    • Kevin YunKevin Yun, 5 years ago

      Mark, you are an internet superstar -- thank you so much for your contributions!

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    • Tim Knight, 5 years ago

      Love the work you all have been doing! Congratulations on the release. I love the decisions you've made with the utility classes and the general direction. I'm curious though, I've noticed the XL grid max width is 1140 compared to the LG grid max width from 3.x that was 1170. I'm curious of the reasoning, if there is one, for the thinner width grid.

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