Do any design tools tackle DOM-style or iOS style block elements / gravity / stacking?

almost 6 years ago from

I wish I could see what one of my designs looked like it if I removed one thing on the screen and, like would happen in HTML, everything that was below that thing moved up, or, in a TableView, the next tableview elements moved up. There are so many combinations of states that are possible. It feels like a big hole in our design tools that we have to point/click/drag elements around on screen to explore any of these states.

Do any tools talk about this yet?

I love using Sketch, and seeing Symbols in Figma, Sketch, etc, have greatly improved my workflow. I can imagine most of these things in my head between going from Sketch to Xcode or HTML, but it would be great to be able to be confident about these in-betweens at design time.