• Anton Repponen, 1 year ago

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the constructive and non-constructive comments :).

    I would like to point out that this is not a commercial/client project where I force you to read, understand and like the design. It's a personal exploration where I was trying a few new things visually, more so, the new layout scale and animation features in ReadyMag platform. Sometimes I need to experiment a little on the side in order to learn some "new tricks" that I can later incorporate into my work.

    I am not promoting this project, nor saying "Look at this design! This is how you do it." Note, that I was not the one who even posted it on DN.

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  • Silver SovaSilver Sova, 1 year ago

    First look at the visuals and I fully expect to see Repponen in the footer.

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  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 1 year ago

    The overall design and colors aren't my taste, but the animations are clever. It works. It affectively communicates the information it set out to.

    If you don't like the design (I don't), explain without calling the designer stupid. And if you disagree, say so without calling the other person stupid. What I'm saying is: Can we just be constructive and avoid being hostile?

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  • Molly Lavigne, 1 year ago

    Very unusual article, it's interesting that all most important inventions look like this to your mind :) It took place someday, but as for me I'm happy that for now website design changed a lot. I like UX design for example like this one: https://fuselabcreative.com/the-role-of-graphic-designers-in-the-healthcare-industry/ It's much more attractive and good-looking than most of other styles.

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  • Account deleted 1 year ago

    Man some people are unnecessarily angry about this haha. Cool site. I'm not a fan of the colours but whatevs. Everything else is pretty cool.

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  • Mark O'NeillMark O'Neill, 1 year ago

    I think it is excellent. It is nice to land on a site that smacks you around the chops and makes you work to engage with it. This is design - not UX or UI design. The colours have to be confrontational, see Saul Bass or Paul Rand. It is great, ignore the stick!

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  • Charlie McCullochCharlie McCulloch, 1 year ago

    Why no bicycle?!

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  • Bevan StephensBevan Stephens, 12 months ago

    This is incredibly awesome, and a really fun exploration.

    Some of the misguided reactions in the comments here are embarrassing.

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