• Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 5 years ago

    Here's my feedback:

    The first impression is good, it gets straight to the point and presents your work in a clear manner, which I am sure potential clients will appreciate.

    I do think it feels a little dated though, with the old school colours, the muted greys at the top, the blue a-links, and there are also some minor question marks like why is there a separate hover effect on the category of a project when it sends you to the same place, why is the footer not stuck to the bottom of the page, why are the 'See live demo' links just plain links and not a button, etc.

    Also, be careful with putting your email directly on the site, you'll never see the end of the spam.

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  • Darren AlawiDarren Alawi, over 5 years ago

    Your logo is blurry on iPhone X, needs them SVGs.

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    • Ryan Slama, over 5 years ago

      It's simple enough that it probably should be an SVG.

      The image itself is blurry, regardless of device

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  • Tony GinesTony Gines, over 5 years ago

    Looking good. I'd love to see some 2x retina graphics on there though.

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  • Ryan Slama, over 5 years ago

    I'm not sure you need the nav bar at all. The sections aren't that far apart to the point where the jumps make me feel like "that was it"? I could just look an inch further down instead of clinking a link

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  • Tyler RenfroTyler Renfro, over 5 years ago

    Centered Proxima Nova. Really?

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  • Amir M Abdol, over 5 years ago

    It’s very nice but I have two points.

    Why do you use hamburger menu when you only have three items? You can most likely avoid it.

    Also I think the line height is rather large, at least in the front page.

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    • Adrien Maston, over 5 years ago


      Here are my 2 cents.

      I would go as far as having one single item in the menu : Contact

      We don't need the other 2. It's only one page, About is the top and Work is just after, most likely visible on page load. Get rid of the burger menu.

      I'd make a few other edits:

      loose the hello-my-name-is tone and go straight to the point like the rest of the page does. For ex. :

      • Yarosky Cruz
      • Interactive Designer in the Sunshine State
      • I do web/app design and front-end coding

      The intro section needs further tweaking. You don't need all those margins upon margins and percentage width breakpoints. It makes awkward word-wrap (and a taller than needed section) on everything under 1200px.

      Same thing for the contact section. For ex. :

      • emailaddress@@gmail.com
      • LinkedIn — Twitter — Instagram — Dribbble
      • Or grab my phone number on my resume

      Make edits for narrow viewports. Quick ex :





      Your images look blurry. Use 2x images and SVG.

      Also agree with Cristian Moisei's and Matthew Blode's comments.

      Don't fade the pictures, it makes the colors look washed out. The scaling hover effect is enough. Would be nice if you had one effect on the whole item, including the title, instead of one for the image and one for the title. By the way, html5 is just fine with you using tags to wrap divs or other block-level elements. Just make the itself a block-level element.

      Do something about the footer, it looks bad when it doesn't reach to bottom of the screen. Make the page background the same color or stick it to the bottom or anything else that says: I took care of it. I would just remove the footer.

      Add a way to navigate the works on work pages. A basic (looping) previous/next nav. will do but don't make me go back to the homepage every time.

      Work the style (See live demo links, color scheme, etc.)

      And finally, please don't mind the imperative tone, this is just an opinion :)

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 5 years ago

    Your opening statement could be one sentence. Avoid central justification at all costs!

    Portfolio pieces need to show more than one image.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, over 5 years ago

      Not that it's a stellar decision here, but why "...at all costs"!

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    • Richard SisonRichard Sison, over 5 years ago
      • Opening statement

        • The opening statement could be one sentence, but I actually prefer it over two. It makes the points feel separated.
        • I think the first line needs rewording though. Not everyone would know the Sunshine State. As an Australian I know it as Queensland but apparently there are others. It could be something clearer like "I'm an Interactive Designer based in Queensland, Australia" or if you wanted to make it quirkier, strike a balance of quirkiness and clarity.
        • The text is centered, but not center-justified. Justification is when it's flush on both left and right sides.
      • Portfolio Pieces

        • 100% agree that you need more images.
        • In addition, you should also consider having more content in the site rather than pushing people off to PDFs. The only reason I can think of where it justifies the PDF-route is privacy/sensitive information (but you're making it pretty accessible so this probably isn't a concern of yours).
        • Your "process books" are pretty well designed. They do a better job of showing your capabilities as a designer (more on this later) and give a much clearer overview of the project. They're not perfect, but including this content would definitely bring your site up a few notches!
      • General: Push it further!

        • Visual design: While the design of your portfolio shouldn't overshadow the work you want to showcase, it still needs to be designed. I say this because I honestly don't see much divergence from the Bootstrap stock-standard theme.
        • Case studies: Basically what I mentioned in the "Portfolio pieces"section above, but approach your website like a project. It needs to follow the same process as any of your projects.
        • Lastly, when you ask for feedback, try and give context on what type of feedback you want. Just so everyone knows what stage you're at.

      I hope this helps. Reach out if you want more feedback.

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  • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, over 5 years ago

    Very clean and easy to use! Nice work!

    The only issue I have is that the navbar has not really been styled any differently than the default bootstrap theme. To me, it kind of makes it feel like it has just been taken entirely from their code snippets without any of your own design input. You can copy the CSS from the nav toggler on my brother's site if you would like: https://jeremyblode.com

    Also how is this so quick? Is it using Gatsby or something?

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  • Jay Cruz, over 5 years ago

    Thanks everyone for all the good feedback. I'll definitely be referencing this thread when I start fixing and redesigning the portfolio.

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  • Samay Shamdasani, over 5 years ago

    Great job! Looks really clean.

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  • Clarence JohnsonClarence Johnson, over 5 years ago

    This is 100X better than what your website looked like when you first posted it on DN! It's also great to see that you implemented a ton of the feedback you got.

    My critique: I wish there was a way for you to implement the "process book" of each project right onto the page so I don't have to click into another link to see how you got to where you ended up with the design of your websites. It just seems like an unnecessary extra step.

    Your about section is a page jump rather than an actual page. I'd either make the about section more personal and talk more about you or make another page with that detailed information.

    Good job dude!

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  • Jesse HeadJesse Head, over 5 years ago

    I don't mind the logos for each piece of work, but would be cool to see an example of the work on hover

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  • Culita AioaneiCulita Aioanei, over 5 years ago

    Works for me. To the point. Simple. Just how I like it.

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