• M. AppelmanM. Appelman, 6 years ago

    Where's the notch?!

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  • Ryan Slama, 6 years ago

    I like this a lot more than I expected. The redesign hit a lot of finder functionality that'd I'd say is relatively crucial (namely back/forward buttons, a table/details/ ls - l view and a path bar), but I love the modernized design language. MacOS's chrome really has a dated feel to it.

    Safari also lost back/forward buttons, which are rather important in a browser, even if I only use the trackpad for it.

    The space switching animations are nice, but overdone. they take long enough that they'd be in the way. The Finder dark mode shouldn't let in light from behind it - it's inconsistent and distracting.

    Criticisms aside, this design is a lot closer to something that could work than most OS concepts of this kind and I wish apple would bring some of the new design language to the Mac.

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  • Miles ReiterMiles Reiter, 6 years ago

    I really love a lot of the visuals, and I think that some of it is a direction that Apple could conceivably take. But that's also where by main critique stems from. There's a trend in Apple's design of dumbing things down to the point where you lose function for power-users and professionals. The redesigned finder, and the Files app in iOS for that matter, look great. But they have exponentially less function and utility than the current Finder app with its multiple viewing options and right click menus.

    There's a halfway point between refreshed design and stripped out functionality, and that's what I'd like to see Apple hit more frequently.

    Different note, but on the hardware side of things I'd hate to see Apple move the webcam down to the bottom bezel. It might be possible to pull off, but it's an inherently less flattering angle.

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  • Anudeep GuptaAnudeep Gupta, 6 years ago

    I second Ryan. It would be a real breather to see this come alive. Very zen-like feel to it. Apple could really use a motion design refresh along with better whitespace to bring their UI schemes together and coherent.

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