• John Sherwin, almost 6 years ago

    Hi All! We released this tutorial today as a pre-cursor to a longer more detailed chapter on Framer. We're passionate about teaching designers to code and recognize it can be difficult for absolute beginners to grasp. I began using Framer a little over a year ago and can't believe how much I've learned and created because of this tool. It made me think about interactive design in a whole new way and if you stick with it I know it will for you too! I hope you enjoy the tutorial. If you ever need help with Framer theres an amazing community on FB and on Slack here https://framer-slack-signup.herokuapp.com/. I'm also always happy to help folks so feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

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  • dh .dh ., almost 6 years ago

    This is awesome. I do questions where framer is going and how to produce something like this will compare with the invision studio release.

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