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10 years ago from , f-f-frontend @ lessonly.com

Some time in the near future I am going to be getting a 13 inch Macbook Air. I am looking for some tips/tricks/apps/etc from designers and developers. Lemme know what you use, what you think I should use, or whatever else! (I am a 19 y.o. college student and a bit strapped for cash, so free is better...)


  • Camilo SanchezCamilo Sanchez, 10 years ago

    what are you going to do with your mac? to Program? what type of work are you thinking to do on your new mac?

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    • Conlin "Wuz" Durbin, 10 years ago

      I am looking at doing design and development work. I am a Computer Science major, so lots of programming, but I also do design and branding for various things. Basically I need it to be as versatile as possible. Sometimes I will be using if for development, sometimes for design, others for business management. Again, as free as possible.

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