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  • Max Lind, over 5 years ago

    Certainly not a review by any means, but after watching the promo video and reading through this article, here are a few (likely obvious) thoughts of my own...

    The world's most powerful screen design tool

    Interesting to hear it this way... "screen design tool"... lends itself to future proofing I suppose, but I also feel like InVision is taking a page out of Apple's playbook here with the verbiage (oh, and the video too).

    Learning Curve

    Of course it remains to be seen what the learning curve is actually like, but it's interesting how the OP points out... "The purpose isn’t to relearn a new platform, but introduce a familiar environment that acts as the go-to for everything"... definitely a fear these days if the product feels too unfamiliar.

    *Platform Collaboration is Available *

    Your boss can finally, more easily tell you to "Make the logo bigger"... on a serious note, seems like a great way to get more folks involved as need be.

    Open Developer Community

    Will be interesting to see if/when this really takes off... Sketch has picked up great steam here as of late, hopefully those apps/integrations can be more or less ported over to Studio.

    Studio to Webflow

    This might just be me connecting the dots from other recent design news, but it seems as though there might be a natural transition from a product like Studio to Webflow (especially with their updated Interactions)

    “Clark from Invision” is Real!


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