• Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 5 years ago

    as someone who has hired generalists in the past, the radar maps are interesting—you listed Photoshop and Linux at the same level (10)—does that mean you're equally fluent in PS and in Linux, or as Performance? And what do I have to compare that number to (your 10 might be someone else's 20, or another person's 2)?

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    • Ehsan Pourhadi, over 5 years ago

      Tnx for the feedback, I added a little text to skills secction explain the charts.

      "It's hard for me to convey my level of skill in a variety of fields on one page. Therefore the main purpose of the charts are not to show you my overall skill in each program, but rather to display my fluency in comparison to similar systems and programs. So that you can get a picture of my strongest sides."

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    Hey man, that's a pretty nice start. Heres a few quick notes:

    The background gradient is quite harsh, which cheapens it. I'd pick two colours a bit more similar with a less obvious transition You use the same 'active state' for your name, and sweden, and the highlighted 'about' section of your page. This leads me to think that Your name and Sweden are clickable, which they arent. Your logo is huge and it doesnt really need to be. It also clashes with the rest of your page (the curved style and brown colours arent used anywhere else) Your page width is too long for comfortable reading (this isnt a huge issue, but it still looks a bit weird) - try to make it about 75% of the width you currently have. When you click the icons the loading animation is a bit odd. Also, there is no interaction on the icons so you dont really know its clickable. your footer is just kind of floating there. Maybe put it in a seperate section. You can do this either with colour or even a

    to break it up.

    Your site overall doesnt really have much hierarchy. It's kinda just a series of stuff, one after the other.

    Hope this helps :)

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    • Ehsan Pourhadi, over 5 years ago

      Tnx a lot! I did an update and removed the red classes on the text, and the text area is a bit smaller now, footer now has a border top.

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  • Timothy AchumbaTimothy Achumba, over 5 years ago


    First things first: contrast. The colours you're using fail most of the minimum requirements to be accessible.


    http://contrast-finder.tanaguru.com/ this is a great tool to check the contrast of the colours you're using.

    http://www.getstark.co/ is a great Sketch plugin to check while designing.

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