• Mick NMick N, almost 6 years ago

    It's hard to distil how much Figma has changed my work-flow down to a short post—but I believe the biggest game changer has been collaborative design and being able to watch other designers.

    In the past we'd usually start a phone call then fire up teamviewer to do design walk-throughs. That's a thing of the past now. Being able to do that right in Figma then put down the phone and dive right in without any contextual disconnect is amazing.

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    • Thomas Lowry, almost 6 years ago

      It's like you never have to leave Figma! And it gets even better each week!

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    • Michael FMichael F, almost 6 years ago

      I absolutely hated exporting designs and forwarding to relevant people via email with long explanations. Now I just fire one link across and they can see live updates, leave comments that I can resolve as a sort of checklist. Game-changing software :)

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      • Gaël PGaël P, almost 6 years ago

        that sounds tempting but my sketch pages are always a mess of lots and lots of alternative artboards with design variations, ideas, explorations. Don't you have that problem?

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  • Christoph OChristoph O, almost 6 years ago

    I tried out Figma, but not a heavy user. Nonetheless, it's amazing to see so much stuff happening. Keep up the great work.

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