• Dan Debnam, 6 years ago

    The gift that keeps on giving! For anyone who hasn't tried Webflow, the time is NOW. I can guarantee this... Webflow will be the thing to which designers will say: "Aww, I wish I found out about that years ago!!". Don't be that guy (or gal). Keep up the great work WF!

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  • Sergie Magdalin, 6 years ago

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce the Webflow University, a completely free resource for anyone who wants to get into web design or just wants to design/build their own website. It includes 120 new videos organized into 8 courses that we'll continue to develop. Our mission is to make building for the web more accessible to everyone, whether or not they know code.

    Webflow University

    New Courses

    • Intro to Web Design - Learn the basics of the box model, positioning, color theory, typography and more. A great place to start if you’re new to the world of web design.
    • CSS Styling - Take a closer look at all the styling possibilities that CSS offers, and see how to use Webflow's tools to style elements visually.
    • CSS Layout and Positioning - Dig into the (at times challenging) world of HTML and CSS layouts, and go over everything from block and inline block to flexbox.
    • Ultimate Web Design - All our videos in one big sequence, covering the broadest, most introductory material, down to the most Webflow-specific tutorials in our library.
    • CMS and Dynamic Content - Learn the principles and advantages of building and maintaining a database-driven website.
    • SEO Fundamentals - A quick introduction to the world of search engine optimization, covering the way Google indexes and ranks your site, along with some best practices.
    • Webflow 101 Crash Course - A revamped getting started with Webflow course to give you a broad exposure to the many possibilities that Webflow opens up.
    • Web Elements - A comprehensive look at all the different building blocks and elements at your disposal in Webflow.
    • (Coming soon) Interactions and Animations - To be released alongside our launch of Interactions 2.0!


    We’re hoping these videos are actually fun to watch (blame Dale). Let us know what you think and how we can improve it!

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    • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, 6 years ago

      Looks really helpful, thanks for the resources!

      (Just a heads up, in some places, it's illegal to use the term "university" if you're not authorized by gov't. Had a client a while back that had to rebrand their stuff w/o the word "university".)

      Edit: Here's a source for more info.

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      • Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 6 years ago

        Webflow is based in the US. Per that Wikipedia article you linked:

        "Unlike in some countries, the term 'college' or 'university' is not legally protected in the United States on a national level"

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    • Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 6 years ago

      Dale's videos are SO GOOD, each one a masterpiece. Make sure you let him know! ;)

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    • Rhys Powell, 6 years ago

      This looks fantastic! Just a heads up, it looks like there's some perspective issues with those video thumbnails in Firefox:

      A demonstration of the issue

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 6 years ago

    I just wanted to give you all props.

    I think you all are incredible marketers and knock it out of the park.

    I'm constantly referring people to your site as an example of who is doing marketing right. And, I've studied the marketing systems inside and out.

    On what appears to be a pittance compared to say others who have raised boatloads of capital in the design tool prototyping space whom I shall not name, you all have powerful, coherent, marketing/ educational/ learning/ listening systems that fire on all cylinders with regards to how various individuals process information.

    There's short form educational tools, long form, emotive and social (forum, ex.,) - and content types; video, e-books, informative blog posts, direct queries (search) - and personal help - email for direct action.

    Absolute leaders.

    Marketing is not about interrupting people.

    It's about listening and being useful. The resources you all have are polished, professional and in tune with the needs of users.

    Great work.

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    • Barrett JohnsonBarrett Johnson, 6 years ago

      Thank you, Jon. This means a lot to the whole team here.

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      • Jon MyersJon Myers, 6 years ago

        Also, I should mention the positive support experience I had with one of your team members.

        I reached out to Webflow support on an issue and quickly received a response from a team member, Dave - who thoroughly helped me resolve things.

        He even went to the trouble of recording a screencast and sending it to me to guide me through the fixes.

        It goes without saying, the actual product quality is solid.

        Making a run at this builder/ CMS/ hosting space is incredibly difficult. Webflow is a serious contender.

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  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 6 years ago


    I have to say these videos are very helpful and more then just a screen share. Moreover, a hell of a lot easier to focus on feature I am trying to understand rather then sitting through a full video of many or skimming the help threads. I don't want to know how long this took.

    Oddly enough, the cadence of the voice over reminds me of Jordan Klepper for the daily show.

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  • Seth RSeth R, 6 years ago

    Really excited about this! Thanks Webflow!

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