• Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 6 years ago

    yeah. but it takes a lot of money to not worry about money.

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    • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 6 years ago

      Although, when you are a salary position, you get paid the same for 60 hours as for 40 hours a week. I think he was pushing the work life balance.

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      • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 6 years ago

        unfortunately, it's very rare to find a 40hr/wk salaried position with which you can support a family and spend the amount of time and money on vacationing Dann describes. obviously everyone wants to work less, but it's a catch-22. unless you're loaded.

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    • Daryl GinnDaryl Ginn, 6 years ago

      Who cares about money when you can spend your whole life trolling DN posts.

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, 6 years ago

    Really DN? Dan says, hey don't forget to keep some perspective on whats important

    ...and we reply with caveats, complaints, and criticisms?

    Its a good message, a good reminder. Yes theres more too it, theres always more to it, but its a good reminder. Dan is doing awesome stuff and is entertaining. Design needs more doing, building, constructive critique and encouragement and less negativity and critique and caveat nit picking.

    *sigh /rant

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 6 years ago

      The web design community has gone through a few waves of leadership over the years, but it's still relatively new and fractured. There are some who seem to prefer the "old guard" web standards warriors who seem to now be walking off into the sunset and spending a lot of time cynically whinging on podcasts about the good old days, while others prefer the "everything is awesome" model of leadership that I see on Twitter mostly who never had to go to war over the stuff we take for granted today.

      So yeah, I don't know how this new wave of high-fiving thought leaders are going to be greeted ultimately, but from what I can tell, reviews are mixed.

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      • Quentin Cole, 6 years ago

        No one ever had to “go to war” over this stuff. Also, the whole life-is-work mentality is relatively new, at least in widespread expectation, in this industry. Driven by Silicon Valley startup culture. Work-life balance has never been more widely discouraged than now. If anything, Dann’s advice serves to return to healthier working habits in the web industry past.

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        • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 6 years ago

          Yes, I agree, & I don't have a problem with the message. I'm more or less fascinated by how this community has changed over time & what it expects from its leaders.

          When I say "go to war" I'm speaking of the fact that there was a lot more at stake in early days with regards to standards and browser wars and Flash and the best practices overall. The battles have been mostly won that younger designers enjoy today.

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 6 years ago

    Mark my words, there's gonna be a turning point when designers turn on this guy, probably within the next six months.

    Hm, I was only off by 5.8 months.

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  • Brennan Smith, 6 years ago

    Sponsored by La Croix

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  • Matt WalkerMatt Walker, 6 years ago

    When did DN comments start reading like YouTube comments? If you find value in Dann's message that's great! If you think Dann's message is a load of crap then that's fine too.

    "Be nice. Or else." ... to each other.

    Critique someone and their work as if they're standing in front of you. I doubt people would be so harsh in person.

    EDIT: Does it need to be said? What's obvious to you may not be obvious to others. Check your assumptions.

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  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 6 years ago

    This video was a little bit preachy because this 'advice' is obvious... It's not revelatory by any means. I clicked the link because I associate Dann with great design commentary - not Dr Phil style advice on how to live my life better

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  • Joe Baker, 6 years ago

    `Dudes had a kid, gained some perspective and wished to share it on an open platform. If you don't agree with his message or tone. That's okay. Next.

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    • Daryl GinnDaryl Ginn, 6 years ago

      You mean we don't have to make negative, snarky comments? But this is DN!

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  • Ali Zendaki, 6 years ago

    easier said than done

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  • Luke JonesLuke Jones, 6 years ago

    If you're watching this video and getting angry at the message, think about this: when you're on your deathbed, will you think... 'damn, I'm glad I worked 80 hours a week and barely saw the people I love', or would you look back on that time as lost time?

    I fucking guarantee you it'll be the latter.

    Work is so unimportant compared to love and happiness. The hustle is bullshit. I've achieved far more by being smart in how I learn and spend my time than I ever did in my years of sleepless nights and ridiculous hours.

    Stop pushing yourself so hard. Someone who is happy and not overworked could do a better job in 32 hours, what someone in 50+ hours of overwork could ever manage.

    His message is great. It's something every respectable person I know lives by, and something I know a lot of people I respect regret not doing.

    You might read this and think, who the hell is Luke Jones? He's not well known or important, but that's fine. I'm cool with that. My Mum doesn't know who Tobias Van Schneider is. She doesn't know who Paul Rand is. She doesn't even know who Steve Jobs is. Don't chase fame or hustle. It's so fucking irrelevant.

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  • Ryan GloverRyan Glover, 6 years ago

    This is terrible advice if you actually care about achieving the things this guy doesn't want to achieve.

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  • Dario Vaccaro, 6 years ago

    It's easy to say that when you already created a career for yourself. Very biased honestly.

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    • Devin FountainDevin Fountain, 6 years ago

      The message he's leaving in the video isn't to take extended time off or to even take a vacation at all. He's intending for you to not work as much as you probably already are and he's right. Studies have shown that employees that work a 40+ hour work week often perform at a lower standard than those working 32 hours.

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  • Mitch Malone, 6 years ago

    Bring on that UBI and I'm there brah

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago

    If you're mature enough, you will understand, great advice!

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  • Josh KingJosh King, 6 years ago

    I love Dan Petty as much as the next guy and have nothing against him. But does this video really need to be here?

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  • Lucian .esLucian .es, 6 years ago

    What about #garyvee?

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