ASK DN: Is there ever too much whitespace?

over 9 years ago from , Designer at Smash.gg

Too much space between lines of text can be hard to read, but are there ever times where you look at a design and you think "Shit. That is a lot of white space"?


  • Nate NavascaNate Navasca, over 9 years ago

    Yes. Whitespace has to be used purposefully, and not solely for the reason of simplifying a screen or because it “looks good.” It’s the same as any visual tool—color, type, contrast, etc.

    It does look pretty damn good to have a ton of white space at times, but this often comes at the cost of functionality or unrealistic information density. For a multifunctional screen, this just isn’t possible. A single purpose screen, like a splash screen, is a different story.

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 9 years ago

    Is there ever too much whitespace? Yes.

    Whitespace is the enemy of density, and lack of density can make something really painful to use. Let me answer your question with another question: Would you want to use a Twitter app that only shows one tweet on a 27 inch display?

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    • Ben Henschel, over 9 years ago

      To answer your question, yes, but it depends. If that was my Twitter app that I used actively, then no 1 tweet displayed at a time would suck. If that 27 inch display was set up in a office and showed incoming tweets about the company (or whatever) and displayed it really big and was meant to be passively viewed, then yes that is an app I would want to use.

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  • Seth KaskySeth Kasky, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Accidental post.

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