• Nattu Adnan, almost 6 years ago

    Looking for some cool animations to use on Lottie? check out LottieFiles

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  • Gracjan ZlotuchaGracjan Zlotucha, almost 6 years ago

    Can I find somewhere changelog?

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 6 years ago

    Would be nice to have some info / Changelog to see what new features and bugfixes are implemented. There is much we need to get lottie running appropriately. There are some pain points Text for example.

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    • Nattu Adnan, almost 6 years ago

      Changelog for Lottie V2

      • All new node based renderer
      • More accurate recreating of after effects files
      • Perfomance enhancements
      • Support shape winding and even odd fill rules (Can cut holes out of objects)
      • Added Support for Inverted and Subtraction masks
      • Support for Linear Gradient Fills
      • Support for polystar and polygon shapes
      • Fixed support for trim paths
      • Added animated dash support
      • Partial support for repeater layers
      • Play to frame
      • Play from frame to frame. Time masking
      • Reverse speed now works
      • Autoreverse animation works
      • Dynamically change properties and keyframes. (Color change)
      • Fixed completion blocks
      • Fixed Pixelation
      • Added QR Reader to Demo App
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