• Nice ShoesNice Shoes, 6 years ago

    I don't like it when brands use' helpful articles' to disguise marketing. Especially when the importance of prototyping is clear already to your intended audience. If you want this article to matter, target the clients of designers/developers/agencies that visit this site.

    Your subheading should read 'What is prototyping? Why should we prototype? How does it help?' loose the 's' on the end.

    And the link in this paragraph is formatted wrong:

    zipBoard helps in ensuring smooth web design collaboration among teammates as well as with clients. Try zipBoard and experience the simplest website issue tracker to help with UX feedback.

    You have it as zipBoard,co

    I've spent way too long on this comment.

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  • Josh Sanders, 6 years ago

    The benefits and reasons why prototyping is an integral phase of design goes without saying... it doesn't need another disguised marketing post from yet another collab software tool.

    I also find it odd that is is tagged as "Ask" considering the actual article is telling the readers why/how. There's no real intrinsic question being posed to the community thru this posting.

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