• James Young, 6 years ago
    1. Opens link
    2. Popup for newsletter
    3. Second newsletter sign up bar appears at bottom of page
    4. Read 3 paragraphs
    5. Another popup for newsletter
    6. Close site
    7. Complain on DN
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  • Claude picheClaude piche, 6 years ago

    Love the simple & mature evolution of this rebrand

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    • Andrew C, 6 years ago

      The site's really nice. The blog on the other hand is full of hyperbole and attempts to rebrand UX as XD like it's an entire paradigm shift. It's the same thing, guys. Nice try at thought leadershipping me though.

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  • Ken Em, 6 years ago

    So amazing they decided to start a voting ring in another thread for the same link, which now appears to have been deleted. Thanks, mods.

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    • Cody Iddings, 6 years ago

      Not sure what you are talking about Ken?

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      • Ken Em, 6 years ago

        The owner of the company posted this link in another post, then had their employees come in to comment and upvote it.

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  • Shawn LeslieShawn Leslie, 6 years ago

    FWIW, the link points to their blog, so newsletter popups are par for the course. https://www.dtelepathy.com/ is the actual rebranded and redesigned site.

    Disclaimer: I'm a former employee – So I can vouch for a rad team and talented people.

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  • ATF forklifts, 6 years ago


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