• Filip SFilip S, over 6 years ago

    Hey, I would like to know the difference between HotJar and Crazy Egg, if there is any?

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    • Linards LazdinsLinards Lazdins, over 6 years ago

      Hotjar provides you with video recordings and show you the actual visitor behavior when visiting your website. You are able to see mouse movements and every action live, even them filling out forms. We use it for our website and it really helps us to improve the UI and UX.

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    • Ryan Baudoin, over 6 years ago

      We started using HotJar recently for internal and client projects, and the price is definitely right compared to CrazyEgg. HotJar has video recording included in its base price, which is quite nice, and a slew of widgets that can interact directly with users (forms, polls, etc.). But I believe it's missing -- or I just haven't been able to locate -- some of the key features that I found valuable in CrazyEgg, like Confetti and the ability to click a specific element to see statistics.

      We're liking it at the moment, but I'm not sure it's giving us the breadth of data I'd like to get my paws on. Definitely worth checking out though.

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