MacBook pro Raedon Pro 460

over 6 years ago from , Web designer (UI-UX)

hey guys, does somebody own the new macbook pro with the Raedon Pro 460? I wanna know about the perfomance for design/video editing. Thank you


  • Jacob ErikssonJacob Eriksson, over 6 years ago

    Yes, how would you like your answer served :) ?

    I had the previous model too. I have never done any actual benchmarks beside gut feeling.

    It feels faster for more intensive projects tho.

    It seems to be working better during hard tasks as well as not heating up as much, better fan-noise etc.

    Stuff I have compared:

    • Edit Video (mostly 4k) from Sony a7r ii / Canon C300 / Nikon D810
    • Lightroom / Photoshop with RAW-files from ⬆️
    • Sketch with like 25 Pages (8 artboards in each)
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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 6 years ago

    I have it as well, and overall - love and recommend it.

    Agreed on performance, it feels faster for more intensive projects and handles design and video editing tasks well.

    There is one annoyance though that has always been there with Macbooks, which seems to have compounded.

    One gripe I do have that is really annoying - I have two of the LG 5K USB-C displays and the process of plugging these into the laptop and the machine's buggy sleep and wake cycles.

    You must plugin both of the display's USB-C connectors at the exact same time in order for the laptop to recognize and power both displays.

    The laptop's ability to recognize BlueTooth peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) - is buggy. The peripherals will be seen and connected to the laptop when it's open. There have been times when I plug in the displays then close the laptop and the peripherals are no longer recognized.

    So you have to go through the set up procedure again.

    If you step away to get a cup of coffee and return to the workstation with the machine in sleep mode, it's likely you will have to go through the set up procedure of opening the laptop and re-plugging in the displays (at the same exact time) once again.

    Previously, my main workstation was the iMac 5K with Thunderbolt and I've been tempted to go back due to this time sucking issue.

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    • Mike BusbyMike Busby, over 6 years ago

      Good to know this is happening to others and not just me, at first it was driving me mad, I have the 2016 machine with the 460 (maybe that's important, maybe not). and two thunderbolt displays that are daisy-chained.

      But the solution I have found is when I unplug the displays I first have to put the computer to sleep, otherwise, it'll often freeze when I go to open the lid.

      Keyboard and mouse are buggy sometimes too, a restart is the only thing that fixes it.

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  • John PJohn P, over 6 years ago

    Joke compared to anything else in the Pro space and therefore performance wise but by Apple standards it's worth the money because 2gb vram without it is paltry.

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