Sketch 44 resizing: Is this supposed to happen?

over 6 years ago from , Designer at 52inc

I've been using Auto Layout for a while, so I was pretty stoked to see that Sketch now enables layer pinning natively. However, here's what I'm currently encountering:

Sketch 44 resizing

I was expecting the cards to remain fixed to the top rather than squeeze together as the artboard is shortened. Has anyone else encountered this yet? Am I setting it up incorrectly? (For the curious, here's how that card group is pinned.)


  • Jon MooreJon Moore, over 6 years ago

    Just did a simplified version of your screen above using the pins you're showing, and I can confirm the behavior you're experiencing.

    Oddly enough, if you uncheck "Fix height" on the list item group, then that group will stay pinned to the top when you shrink the artboard vertically, but the list items will all roll up and overlap each other.

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    • Gabe Will, over 6 years ago

      Thanks for the confirmation. Glad I'm not nuts. :)

      I experienced that second scenario, too; neither really seems ideal. I think it works well in their example use case, but it seems pretty limiting if you ever have content flowing off-screen. Am I the only one whose content doesn't neatly stop at the end of the artboard?

      In any case, it's brand new, so I expect there'll be some improvements coming.

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      • Jon MooreJon Moore, over 6 years ago

        Yeah, it's a good find. It's very common for me to design with content flowing off the screen, so it's good to know this limitation now. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Gabe Will, over 6 years ago

    Official response from Bohemian Coding.

    Doesn't really seem like an edge case, though. I think Auto Layout got this part right.

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