• Brett BergeronBrett Bergeron, almost 6 years ago

    Hey Jack, I wanted to respectfully mention that some of the work in your portfolio may be misinterpreted as your own when it should be attributed to other creators.

    In particular, I think it may be misleading to seamlessly include work samples of Google's logo, dots, and product iconography. All of these artifacts have their own respective authors who deserve credit for their work.

    Again, I mean to make this comment in the most respectful way possible, and would just like to encourage a conversation in the design community about respect for authorship.

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  • Joseph Decker, almost 6 years ago

    Hello Jack,

    Thank you for sharing this, I have a few questions.

    Why did you choose the current logo mark and what have you explored?

    Why did you choose Lego to be the main source of inspiration and how do you find it fit with all the active products of Google?

    Could you tell me more about your process and perhaps provide pros/cons/learnings?

    What do you think of the branding of Google products as a whole, do you see possibility for improvement? How would you tackle such a big endeavour?

    Thank you.

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