• Mark VogelaarMark Vogelaar, over 6 years ago

    Why is this product better than similar products such as Invision Inspect of Zeplin?

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  • , over 6 years ago

    Today we are very excited to announce the release of Icons8 Lunacy 2.0: Free viewer for Sketch files on Windows

    Over the past month Igor, developer of Lunacy, has been working on fixing bugs reported by the community, implementing new features, and introducing new UI for the application.

    In Alpha version you could:

    • Open .sketch files
    • Export images
    • Inspect layers, measurements, styles, fonts, colors, etc.
    • Generate CSS for layers

    In the new release we added:

    • Symbols support
    • Fonts auto search in Google Fonts
    • Shadows/Blur effect support
    • Offsets between the objects are now displayed
    • Selection of multiple elements
    • Complete UI design overhaul

    Icons8 Lunacy doesn't require internet connection, thus you can work from anywhere. And have we mentioned it is completely free? :)

    We want to know what you think of Lunacy. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and to answering your questions!

    P.S. We are also featured on Product Hunt

    Pop in to join the conversation or just to say hello :)

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  • Josué Gutiérrez Valenciano, over 6 years ago

    Thanks for this! I use a PC on a team full of Mac users and had to use Mac only for Sketch, kinda annoying. And this is wonderful for the team of developers that are PC only.

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  • Stefano Vitagliano, over 6 years ago

    Hi Ivan, the features sound great. Why only for Windows? Many developers work on Mac and need to inspect a file without buying a sketch licence. Something like the acrobat pdf reader.

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    • , over 6 years ago

      This is a good idea, Stefano! We will probably release a Mac version at some point. But for the time being, we decided to concentrate on Windows users for they don't have many alternatives.

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  • Pavel Sokolov, almost 6 years ago

    crashes while starting on Windows 8.1

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