Mitya update: Animate with a timeline, customize with code

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Two years back, I launched the HTML5 version of Mitya. Today, I’m opening up a preview release of the native Mac version. You can get it from [www.mitya.com](www.mitya.com)

What you can do with Mitya:

Mitya is an animation prototyping tool built on top of Framer JS. It combines the intuitiveness of visual animation with the power of code.

  • Timeline: full featured timeline with scrubber and auto-keyframing to automatically build tweens

  • Timeline versions: try multiple animation ideas and compare them, right next to each other

  • Custom UI logic: build custom logic using Coffee Script and Framer

  • HTML export: share easily with stakeholders and clients. Nothing to install. No platform dependencies.

  • Animation Specs: export live animations specs for your developers with one click

You can check out the full list of features here. With this version, I hope to bring design and code closer to each other. I hope you enjoy playing with Mitya. You can also join us on our FB group to follow along for updates. Thanks!


  • Rory Smyth, almost 7 years ago

    This is really impressive. You built this on your own? Well done.

    So it's built on top of Framer. Is it possible to see the generated code?

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    • Suresh Selvaraj, almost 7 years ago

      Thanks Rory! I plan to eventually open up the generated code, but right now, there are lots of custom animation handlers, so it works one way. Anything you do in the canvas will get converted to code. Anything you write in the code editor will get added to the generated code.

      And yes, it's just me at the moment :)

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