• Jansen Tolle, 6 years ago

    Site down?


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  • Matthew StrömMatthew Ström, 6 years ago

    This seems to me more like a Material Design theme of bootstrap, which means you're tossing even more code on top of an already heavy library. I'd love to see less monolithic libraries like this and more simple, bare-bones functional frameworks.

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    • Supriya Agnihotri, 6 years ago

      Hello Matthew, appreciate your feedback.

      The primary goal of this project is to give all Bootstrap components and elements a Material Design look, so that it allows web developers to continue using the Bootstrap HTML markup that they are familiar with, and combine it with the visual language of Google Material Design.

      We've also created some unique material design components such as floating action buttons, date and time picker and accordions (known as pickers and steppers in MD) which are not available as is in bootstrap framework.

      For someone who is looking for more simple and bare-bone functional framework like you have mentioned above, can simply use bootstrap. I think it completely depends on developers requirement for a specific project.

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