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Hi DesignerNews!

I'm back here with a sweet freebie product for all Sketch and Photoshop Product Designers, Product Mangers or Developers. I've decided to share part of my Dashboard UI Kit, that some of you might remember, for free! By today you can download this huge Elements Kit full of ready made Inputs, Buttons, Selects, Dropdowns, Notifications, Tables and many many more elements. All elements are by yesterday with all Sketch resize properties so Iā€™m able to call them responsive ready and prepared for you to be turn into symbols in matter of minutes. Most of the elements are prepared in various states such as Normal, Hover, Focused, Loading or Disabled. All comes again in two typefaces - Proxima Nova and Source Sans Pro (Adobe Typekit and free alternative from Google Fonts) and all as you can see in previews in Light and Dark version.

Both Dark and White canvases are 5800px long so expect really big amount of building bricks for your next user interfaces! With this file you don't have to ever be worried about starting any new projects and crafting whole styleguide ever again, you're ready, set and able to start working your magic with wireframes and real pixels!

Grab your copy here: https://gum.co/MEGGB

Full Preview of all elements: http://janlosert.com/Dashboard-UI-Kit-Elements-(Freebie)-Full-Preview.jpg

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  • Erick Jones, over 6 years ago

    Hello Jan, Thank you very much for the UI and for the insights on Dashboard creation. I am in a process of optimizing a user Dashboard and I need to design it to be responsive. I would love to see how do you solve the interface for smartphones. Do you have some study about this?

    Thank you very much.

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